21/Single/Australia My blog is everything i keep inside all my secrets and feelings. I'm here for anyone no matter what. you are never alone. i love you.

I strongly admire your strength, and wishing I had just a tiny bit of your confidence and strength. You're truly beautiful stay fabulous girl. 

U are so kind, thanks so much hun! Xx

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Hi, My name is Cody, I’m 19 and I live in Florida. Follow me & I will spam you with likes back or possibly follow you!I felt attractive, idk.



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Hey! I’m Raymi, I own the blog do-raymi. I’m just doing me and you should too ;) I’m Canadian and I love to talk to all of my followers, but my ask has been empty lately, I miss waking up to new messages and making new friends. I recently unfollowed a lot of inactive blogs and now my dash is dead, maybe head over to my blog and check it out? Im checking out all new followers! :)

i’ll do you any day raymi babe (;

i freaking love this blog and the owner

love u bae xx



My weight loss story: I’m Meghan and I lost 20 pounds in 4 weeks using this new cleanse my best friend recommended. I’ve been eating the exact same way as before and I lost 20 pounds. My metabolism is faster than Usain Bolt now. The other thing I like about the cleanse is it’s 100% organic, and helps remove bad toxins from your body. If you’re somebody struggling to lose weight, I would highly recommend giving this a try. I have yet to see anything else that works like it. Tip: you can get a free bottle (and only pay like $4 for shipping) if you order now because of some sort of summer special. I got my bottle free thanks to the summer deal which is crazy cause I’ve spent more on weight loss products in the past that flat out did not work. Good luck to everyone trying to lose weight!

thank you for recommending the cleanse! figured i’d give it a try and just got my free bottle thanks to their summer special, btw congrats on your progress you look fucking fab!!

YOU GO GIRL, I remember seeing the same cleanse on Dr. Oz
You're absolutely stunning inside and out 

Love you thank you

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I want to say you are absolutely terrific and quite a motivation, I hope you have a wonderful day. 

This means a lot thank you hun xx

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